PT Terminal Teluk Lamong i​s a multipurpose terminal and provides services for container (international and domestic) and dry bulk (feed grain and food grain). In providing the services Terminal Teluk Lamong possesses facility as below: ​​​​​​​​​

International Container Terminal

Wharf500 m of length
Quay Crane2 units panamax class twin lift spreader with max load 60 tons under spreader, 70 tons under hook beam
Estimated BCH (Box/Crane/Hour)30
Depth Alongside14 m LWS
Width50 m
Ship Berth Available1
Container Yard Capacity3 blocks (+/- 24.000 teus; 1.080 Teus Ground Slot, 300.000 Teus Per Year)
CFS 5000 m2 (customs and quarantine inspections, fumigation services)
Yard Crane (Automated Stacking Crane)10 units (2 units per block)
Reefer Capacity228 points (Export + Import + Domestic)
Tariff Rate                             Same as other terminals in Tanjung Perak Port
Start of international operationsMay-15

Domestic Container Terminal

Wharf450 m of length
Quay Crane3 units with max load 40 tons under spreader, 50 tons under hook beam
Current BCH (Box/ Crane/ Hour)25
Depth12 m LWS
Width30 m
Ship Berths3
Container Yard Capacity 3 blocks (+/- 24.000 teus; 1.080 Teus Ground Slot, 300.000 teus per year)
Yard Crane4 units
Tariff RateSame as other terminals in Tanjung Perak Port
Start OperationsNov-14

Dry Bulk Container Terminal

Wharf250 m of length
Quay Crane2 units of Grab Ship Unloader (GSU) equipped with hopper and productivity is 7,500 up to 10,000 tons per day.
Depth14 m LWS
Width30 m
Ship Berth Available1
Storage/silo8 Ha
Facility2 units covered conveyor from GSU to storage
Start OperationsNovember 2015, by truck lossing system
Est. early Jan 2017 is operated by full conveyor  (2 lanes) and storage system

Other Important Terminal Information

Port NameTerminal Teluk Lamong
Port Type1st Class Sea Port
Port Operations24 hours / 7 days
Call SignIDTPE (Indonesia Tanjung Perak)
Anchorage Position (Waiting Pilot)06 - 55' - 43" South Latitude; 112 - 43' - 46" East Longitude
Local Standard TimeGMT +7
Port open for Traffic24 hours
Pilotage ServicesCompulsory from Tanjung Perak Pilot Service
Channel Water DepthEntrance - Exit Channel 13 m LWS ; Inner Bar / Outer Bar  150 m
Customs  Related CodeWharf Meter Code: KTTL (Kade Terminal Teluk Lamong); CY Code: CTTL (Container Terminal Teluk Lamong); CFS Code: GTTL (Gudang Terminal Teluk Lamong)

Terminal Teluk Lamong is the First Terminal in Indonesia in the implemetation of:
  1. Semi automated equipment in yard services: the services of container movements, planning, handling are integrated with terminal operating system developed by RBS Australia (Realtime Business Solution Ltd)
  2. Automation gate system: process at in/out gates are using systems which supported by the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), CCTV, Electronic Portal, ID Card Reader, RFID Reader, Fingerprint Reader, and Weighing Bridges. 
  3. Online Transaction: the terminal system is integrated with TPS online system of customs, quarantine, banks, shipping lines, and forwarders. Customers can generate transaction 24 hours / 7 days from their own office.​​