Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia with the potential growth rate of the economy is very rapid. Geographical excellence supported by adequate facilities makes Surabaya an important role as a gateway in economic activities, trade and logistics, especially for eastern Indonesia. As a concentration center of business and trade based industries, Surabaya is noted to have an ever-increasing mobility of moving goods from year to year. For that role of port as a vital supporter is needed.

The Port of Tanjung Perak has become the lifeblood of Surabaya's economy since the 20th century. This port continues to be the mainstay of trade traffic and distribution that supports Surabaya and East Java and almost all eastern Indonesia region. Along with the economic growth rate of East Java which always exceeds the national economic growth in the recent period, the density of goods flow activity in Tanjung Perak port is increasingly high and even predicted to experience over capacity in 2012. Therefore, PT. PELINDO III as its operator and stake holder innovation expansion and acceleration by presenting Terminal Teluk Lamong as solution of port service availability to support service of loading and unloading of goods at Port of Tanjung Perak.

Built since 2010, Lamong Bay Terminal has a masterplan as the most sophisticated and environmentally friendly terminal terminal harbor in Indonesia. The depth of the waters that meet the requirements of large ship docks is the main reason for choosing the lamong bay area as the location of this mega project. The presence of Lamong Bay terminal becomes a big solution to the constraint of dock for large bertonase vessel which has been a barrier and considered to harm the various perpetrators of port services user industry. The strategic location of Lamong Bay Terminal related to accessibility and connectivity is also expected to increase productivity in order to support regional economic growth. At the end, the multipurpose Port of Lamong Bay Terminal has a development area of ??400 hectares, with semi-automatic concept and putting forward environmentally friendly insights. By carrying the concept of green port, almost all equipment supporting terminal facilities operating system and loading and unloading, performed efficiently using computerized so that has been tested minimal emissions and safe for the environment and eco friendly. Built by a consortium of domestic SOEs, Lamong Bay Terminal is a manifestation of the synergy of the nation's children. The development and development planning of Lamong Bay Terminal is divided into 4 stages of workmanship.

The first phase will take place in 2011 - 2014 which includes the construction of International Container Dock and Domestic Container Dock and procurement of Ship To Shore (STS) International equipment by 2 units, Domestic STS for 3 units, 10 units of Automatic Stacking Crane, CTT, Straddle Carrier and Docking Station System. On a continuous basis, development and development within that time frame is also carried out by Pack A which consists of multipurpose dock construction, Package B consisting of construction of causeway and cultivation field, followed by Package C and Package D which includes the construction of office building and installation. The dredger package ie the dredging of the multipurpose dock pond is also part of this stage. The first phased development has been completed in 2014, with 38 Ha reclamation land. Lamong Bay Terminal and the Revitalization of the West Sailing Channel Surabaya was inaugurated directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo on May 22, 2015 which was designated as the era of Indonesian maritime awakening. Service operational, gradually has also been successfully done in between development and construction of terminal support facility in accordance with the plan of phase 2 to 4. With the Vision of "Being an Excellent Terminal with Integrated Logistics Services, Modern and Environmentally Friendly", Terminal Teluk Lamong is expected to boost national logistics efficiency for a prosperous and prosperous society. This is part of the support of integrated national logistics transportation system and play an active role as the gateway of the economy - the pride of Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia.