Terminal Information

     PT Teluk Lamong terminal is a subsidiary of Pelindo III. Terminal operators who put forward the service with high-tech facilities that carry the concept of "The First Green Port in Indonesia".


     It takes at least 17 years to build an international port. After going through the process of measurable planning and study, the end of the first phase development since 1997. Operation of domestic wharf conducted on 13 November 2014. Furthermore, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated Terminal Teluk Lamong and revitalization APBS on May 22, 2015 after the concession agreement of the Ministry of Transportation and Pelindo III on May 19, 2015. The implementation of the concession agreement is the affirmation of Article 344 of Law 17/2008 in conjunction with Article 165 of PP 61/2009.


     Jokowi asserts that the multipurpose terminal which is engaged in container and dry bulk services is part of the sea toll. Supported by revitalization of APBS, the opportunity for the entry of commercial ships of 80 thousand DWT becomes bigger. Moreover, the local flow has been supported depth of -14 mlws and width of 150 meters. Port management continues to be developed and integrated with industrial area. The eco-conspective shipping channel is believed to reduce logistics costs to be more efficient. Now open direct shipping access to various countries. That way, the distribution of import-export goods becomes progressively smooth, fast, and secure.


     The existence of this semi-automatic terminal is also in line with the challenge of increasing the volume of foodgrain transportation in Indonesia. Therefore, the development of the terminal to encourage the distribution of logistic distribution distribution which is still centralized in western Indonesia. On the other hand, Tanjung Perak Port is getting busy so as to encourage comprehensive improvement. Advantages  the flow of containers, liquid bulk, dry bulk, and general cargo can directly directed to Terminal Teluk Lamong. A positive achievement after the company consistently puts forward the services that are consistent with the needs of consumers as well as able to compete in the global market. Now, Terminal Teluk Lamong is the main driver of the regional and national economies providing integrated services so that the distribution of goods from and to the east of Indonesia becomes faster and safer. Including strengthening Indonesia as a maritime axis of the world.